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Dear parents, dear guardians,

We appreciate your interest in our school and would very much like to welcome your child as part of the school community.

Informative Evening

We welcome you on Thursday, 15 February at 7 pm at our Forum/Mensa for our Informative Evening where we try to give you all information about our school.

Open House

You are interested in getting to know how students learn and teachers teach at our school? Please come and visit us at our Open House event on Saturday, 2 March 2024 from 10am to 1 pm. You will get a great picture of our school program and our student- teacher- relation as many of us will be there.


Registration is only possible from Monday, 15 April 9am to Friday, 19 April 1pm. Applications received earlier or later cannot be considered!

You can drop the documents directly into our mailbox at the main entrance of the school. Since there are original documents in the documents, we will empty the mailbox regularly – even in between .
On Monday, 15 April and Tuesday, 16 April, you also have the opportunity to hand in the documents in person, to seek advice and to clarify any questions without an appointment. In the case of a personal submission, documents are immediately checked for completeness and, if necessary, pointed out to missing documents.
This is possible from 9am to 1pm and from 3pm to 6pm.

We ask you to fill out the registration form digitally on the screen as far as possible and print it in the end because of better readability. The required documents will be available for download here from Thursday, 11 April.

The documents submitted must include:

  • the completed registration form, signed by both legal guardians
    or the signed power of attorney of the legal guardian who is not present
  • in the case of single parents, proof of sole custody
  • the last half-yearly report (original-no copies)
  • the Privacy Policy
  • a copy of the proof of measles vaccination protection showing either that two measles vaccinations have been administered, or a medical certificate of full vaccination

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that we can only consider applications with complete and timely submitted documents for admission!
If you have any questions about registration, please contact us by phone at
0511 168 46703 or by e-mail ed.tdats-revonnahnull@tsil-sgi.

On Friday, 19 April 2024, the places for the students will be allocated at our school.
If the registrations exceed the number of school places, a qualified lottery will take place. The message whether your child has received a school place will be sent by post on 26.04.24. In the event of a possible cancellation, you still have sufficient time to register your child at the school types Oberschule, Realschule or Gymnasium.

For the music profiles or for any support needs (inclusion) you also have the opportunity for personal advice on Monday or Tuesday. This is strongly advised and desired!

Best regards
Petra Hoppe

Music guidance

We offer personal guidance for you interested in our Music profile and instrumental classes on Monday, 15 April and Tuesday, 16 April. If you are interested in a 15 minutes long consultation, please fill out the form below (available from April) and we will send you the exact date and time by e-mail. Please bring your child to the meeting.

Consultation on special educational needs (“Inklusion”)

If you are wondering about how we work with children with special educational needs, we offer a personal meeting for about 15 minutes on Tuesday, 16 April and Thursday, 18 April. To make an appointment, please fill out the form below (available from April). We will then send you the exact date and time by e-mail.

We also offer personal guidance over the phone for you and your child on Thursday, 18 April from 1-2pm under the phone number +49 511/ 168 44334.